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San Carlos Hunting

  1. Dates to enter Elk Big Game Hunting lottery drawings will be October , through to December. Lottery will close Dec. The public lottery drawing will be held at the San Carlos Apache Recreation & Wildlife Department on the 20th December.  

  2. There is a $26.00 non-refundable application fee for entering the Big Game Hunting lottery for the Antelope, Deer, and Elk drawing.

  3. Successful hunters that are drawn will be charged accordingly to their draw choices starting with their first choice through eighteen etc, per species. 

  4. An alternative list will be made available by the Recreation & Wildlife Department for hunters unable to hunt and/or were drawn successfully in other areas (if you draw your first choice your credit card will be charged immediately or submitted check will be processed.

  5. Licensed San Carlos Apache Tribal Guide is required for Cull Elk Hunts only. Hunters must be guided and the hunter cannot separate from their guide.

  6. To email your completed Big Game Hunting Lottery Signed Form & Payment Details to

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Q: "Do you have a lottery for elk permits?"
A: Yes - You can apply online for the Big Game Lottery Draw for Elk, Coues Deer and Antelope. The lottery cost to apply is $26.00. If your name is drawn in the lottery, you will then be charged for the price of Elk tag which is a separate fee.

Q: "How do I apply for one of your hunts?"
A: Apply online, complete the application form online or contact the San Carlos Apache Recreation & Wildlife Department.

Q: "Am I required to hire a San Carlos Tribal Hunting Guide?"
A: A tribal guide is required for the premier trophy hunts for elk* (*only for Cull Elk Hunt), sheep, and some Coues Deer Units. 

Q: "With so many 400+ bulls harvested are there any left?"
A: Absolutely. The Hilltop and Dry Lake elk herds are managed to produce several 400+ point bulls annually. Aerial surveys are flown each year to monitor the herds and several 400+ point bulls are generally seen during those surveys as well as during ground surveys.

Q: How do I send the BGH Lottery Completed Forms & Payment Details?

A: You can visit the office during office hours but suggest you call ahead. You can fax your form. You can upload / email your completed form to

Hunting pressure is very limited and bull survival is high, which is key to producing huge bulls. The largest elk harvested at San Carlos tend to be older than 10 years of age, and biologists maintain high bull-to-cow ratios in the trophy herds, about 60-to-100. The department also conducts habitat improvement projects to maintain high quality habitat.

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